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The Symbol Of Success

While the definition of “success” might be personal, most would agree that it means reaching a desired and very favorable outcome. Defined in these general terms, our modern world has achieved remarkable success as well as suffered staggering failures. While we’ve put a man on the moon, we have not been able to find harmony among nations. We’ve eradicated deadly diseases but still struggle with racism, homophobia, and gender inequality throughout the world. Our skyscrapers soar into the heavens, yet thousands of children live in poverty. This dichotomy, the humbling gap between success and failure is perhaps the truest hallmark of modern times. While it might be easier to laud our success than to highlight our shortcomings, together, they illuminate the human experience, as we know it. Future generations will judge us as they will, but it is up to us to preserve both. It starts with acknowledging this concept – and then acting upon it.

Who we are

The Symbol of Success (S.O.S.) is a group of committed professionals who believe that success is defined not by one’s accomplishments but by one’s legacy. Our company was founded in 2011 in Los Angeles, California with the intent of defying the growing trend of individuals and smaller companies facing a mounting challenge of finding a venue through which these non-corporate entities can leave their mark in history.

Our goal is to further our company values of promoting education, healthy lifestyles, and preserving culture through unique venues of mass participation. The goal of “Symbol of Success“ is to raise the next millennium-ready generation to be able to survive in the fast-paced and intellectually-demanding world of the future.


Education is the most obvious predictor of success in all corners of the world. By exposing more people to the benefits of living an informed and intelligent life, we become a better, stronger, smarter global community. The more we educate a people, the greater their chance at a life of happiness and prosperity.


The happiest people on earth also happen to be the healthiest. With humans working long and enduring hours in and out of the workplace, it is imperative that we make a consciuos effort at increasing the health of our people while encouraging them to enjoy life to the fullest. We believe that improving health increases prosperity, and by treasuring and respecting the gift of life we lead a life in which others treasure and respect us.


Culture is a facet of human life that defines who we are and with whom we associate. We use it as a means through which we can improve understanding of others in a way that builds on prior contributions and learns from the failures of the past. We express culture through art, music, ideas, equations, and other accomplishments by which our legacy can be remembered.
Exposure to other world cultures leads to an through assimilation and learning from the past. In order to learn from the things that have hurt civilizations in the past, we must expose ourselves to the triumps and failures of other groups of people.

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